That one guy…

So maybe this is just the bottle of wine that I have just consumed or the fact that Sex and the City has inspired me to write this post. Either way, I figured it was time I explored the area of “that on e guy.” We all have experienced them. “That one guy who…” you fill in the blank. That one guy that opened your mind to experience the world. That one guy that made you feel worth something. That one guy that blah, blah, blah…

Whatever it is, we have all had that one guy that we just want to punch in the balls, wish we never met or whatever it is. Trust me, each girl has been there. I’m sorry that this is not so much an inspiring post as it should be. More or less this is me wanting to get off a years worth of frustration and basically get out what I’ve been wanting to say for the past couple of months.

So here it is, my “that one guy…” A little background if you will. He was someone that I was instantly attracted to when I first met him at church camp. His family was singing at our talent night and I thought he was one of the cutest guys at camp. Then I found out he was the younger brother, and I figured that just wouldn’t work since he was younger than me. (Stupid me lol) Anyways, as years went on we just became friends. We ran in the same circle and what not. He dated different people as I continued to focus on school and my career. I never really EVER considered him as someone that I could potentially fall for. Heck! He was my friend’s little brother.

It didn’t happen till we were at the same college at the same time. As the school year started, I kept on trying to set him up with different people. We laughed, hung out together, and had the best of time. I mean, I basically used all of his cafeteria money to eat that year. Sad, I know, but that was what happened. It wasn’t till that summer that I realized why I hated every time he said he was excited for a formal date with a social club I couldn’t stand. It was because I was starting to fall for him. On top of that, it wasn’t till he left the country for a mission trip that I started to notice how attractive he was. How the little things he said or sent meant a lot to me. (Let me tell ya, I didn’t expect this) That summer feelings started to form and I didn’t know what to do.

It wasn’t till I started my MBA that I tried to show how much I liked him. That eventually failed and I had other guys to distract me from my feelings. Honestly, THANK GOODNESS. However, that then led to another summer. The summer before it was just movies and hanging out. However, this particular summer I was going to show him that I liked him. Little did I know, he wasn’t just “nice” to one girl. Anyways, that summer was innocent enough with a few miscommunications here and there. Sadly, at the end friendship went from uncomplicated to complicated.

One night and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING COMPLETELY CHANGED! We went from fun loving and laughing friends, to friends who can’t talk without things being weird. We kissed and our whole friendship went *CAPOOT!* For a year, now, we had been going in this circle of weirdness. Why is it that when friends cross the lines they can’t just make things normal? Isn’t that just one question, even relationship experts can’t answer.

I mean this guy and I have been or gone through so much, but his family doesn’t know and neither do mine. I’m sure if either of our families knew, it would be a nuclear bomb. If you have ever seen, “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” well then you have seen my life.