The 3-Day Military Diet: My increasing hunger and thankfulness

For the last couple of weeks one of my best friends started what is known as the 3-day military diet. It’s diet that has you eat certain foods to lower your calorie intake while at the same time boosting your metabolism. Anyways, on week one she was able to lose up to six pounds and when she was on her four days off she only gained back one. Since we are going to the beach in June with some more friends, I figured I better try and work to get that bikini body.

So, I started the military diet yesterday. For breakfast, I was only allowed to eat one piece of toast with some peanut butter on it, a half of a grapefruit (that I suffered through eating), and a cup of coffee with no creamer only stevia (sadly). By the time lunch rolled around, I had already drank two liters of water which is unusual for me since I LOVE to snack. Yet, with this diet I can and so now I’m drinking water as if the entire world is about to dry up soon. That is to say by the time lunch came I was super ready to eat. So for lunch I had a half cup of tuna, a piece of toast (no peanut butter this time), and a cup of coffee with stevia. Let me just say that I am so happy I can have my cup of coffee! After lunch, I was feeling a bit better. However, I workout quite a bit. Exercising has never been my problem. It’s my love for food and trying new foods, and somewhat overloading on food when I finish a workout. Cause you know I worked for it. Anyways, when I had finished my two Jazzercise classes (which is a great place to workout and you should try it if you get the chance!) I had to go play volleyball. By the time we had finished our second volleyball game I needed food, like stat! So I went to a close gas station and found the banana that I was allowed to eat, but only half of it. When I finally got home I was able to eat my supper which consisted of a small apple, a cup of ice cream, a cup of green beans and three ounces of meat. Needless to say, I was too tired and hungry to do much else that night.

All through that one day, I have realized how blessed I am to even be eating these low calorie diets. If you think about it, when people who live in developed countries go on diets and complain about not being able to eat, there are others who live in the world who really can’t eat anything else. They don’t have the option to go on a diet to try and lose weight. They are truly suffering from hunger. So, as I continue on to day two and thank the Lord for the piece of toast, boiled egg, and half a banana that I had for breakfast, and the five saltine crackers, boiled egg and cup of cottage cheese that I will be able to eat for lunch. Thinking of this diet from a different perspective makes it less horrible, and I’ve also lost weight from it, so YAY!

As I encounter day two of this three day diet, I hope that I can still put a smile on my face and realize my hunger is not as bad as others around the world and even in America.