Just Friends

If you follow Charlie Puth on social media, you will see that on his SnapChat story that he has been rumored to be dating many people. Singers like Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor, and many different other famous names. The thing is that on his SnapChat he let the whole world know that he was totally single and that he was just friends with whoever the next rumored has it girl it was. He then followed up with the question of, “Can’t people be just friends?” I couldn’t agree with him more! (Sidenote: I wouldn’t mind however being more than just friends with Charlie. I mean have you heard him sing, and not to mention he’s attractive, funny, interesting, etc. Sorry to be fangirling. Back on topic.)

How many times have you been asked by people, “Are you two dating?”, “Are y’all an item?”, or “Would you ever consider dating him/her?”? I can tell you that when I had a guy friend that wasn’t in a relationship, married or talking to someone, this would be the question or questions I would hear so often. The questions seem to increase the more you are seen with him or as you start to get further into your 20s, and the only answer you can give these inquiring minds is, “We are JUST friends.”

But anyone who has seen When Harry Met Sally would tell you that guys and girls cannot stay just friends. Someone usually messes that dynamic up. Granted, this is true and honestly I never really believed that till just recently. However, I still believe in the fact that guys and girls can remain friends platonically.

To the significant other…
It can be tough especially if one starts dating. The whole duo can become complicated because the significant other may feel threaten.Can I just speak on behalf of those of us who are part of the “just friends” community? Significant others, if I really wanted to make a move on your boyfriend, fiance or whatever, I would have. So don’t worry, and honestly we just want to be your friend too. So just get to know the “just friend” and give them a chance. I say this because also just recently I thought that one of my guy friend’s girlfriend, now wife, hated me. However, there was a night that I was at his parents’ house and we hung out and it was awesome! Now his wife and I are on good terms and I seriously couldn’t imagine him with anyone else.

So to you significant others, if you are worried about your man or woman leaving you for their best friend, first get to know the friend, be more secure in your relationship, and if he/she has never made a move then chill! Honestly, if they haven’t pulled a My Best Friend’s Wedding move on you just yet then be friends with the friend.

To those who don’t believe in “just friends”…
Y’all men and women can be just friends. Sure it takes some work just like any other relationship, but it can happen. There are many guys who I have remained just friends with for a long time. Did I ever develop feelings for some of my guy friends? Sure, but then again they are my guy friends, I know the reality and I wouldn’t want to ruin the friendship. It can really happen.

To those who want more than to be “just friends”…
Let me tell you that it’s hard to go from being friends to being more than friends. I have seen it done, but then again I have gone through where it doesn’t. Each situation is different. Just be careful with your feelings, and if you feel like you need to pursue it, then be wary of rejection and make sure that you two talk it out. Most important of all, be open to STAYING FRIENDS! Whether that means going beyond friendship or staying friends.

All in all each situation is different. I have always dreamed of falling in love with my best guy friend. I’ve never thought of meeting someone randomly and falling for them. I’ve always have wanted to be friends first and then fall in love. However, that doesn’t always happen and I’m excited to see who my future husband is.