A bit about me…

So I don’t know if anyone will ever read this, however, if someone ever does I hope they enjoy the different things I write.

Well to begin with I will tell you a little about myself. I always feel the need to do so when starting something new! So here goes…

I’m a 22 year old, college graduate from Paragould, AR. I have received my degree in Business Marketing, but I teach Math and English/Literature. As they tell you sometimes in college, you will hardly ever work the job you went to school for. That happened to me! I decided I was going to teach for a little while and earn my MBA (which I am doing now), and then I would find a position as a marketer. However, what has now happened is that I will be somewhat of a PR for the High School I graduated from. Which is..AWESOME!

Anyways there are a lot of things I like to spend my spare time doing. Instead describing them, I’ll just list them:

1. Spending time with my family and friends (their my world and I love them all!)
2. Jazzercise (which is really awesome and if you don’t know about check it out!)
3. Watching a TON of Netflix (it’s really bad and I should probably take a break lol)
4. Reading (when I have the time)
5. Watching and playing sports (even though I play a few I love to watch all)
6. Shopping (my bank account can attest to this)
7. Going on mini-adventures
8. Being spontaneous
9. Drinking coffee (you have a new coffee shop, I’ll try it out!)
10. Trying out new things and travelling

Those are just a few of the things I enjoy in life. Even though some of those are more important to me than others, the main thing that is truly important to me in my life is God. My Christian walk is something that I try to work on everyday. Am I perfect? NO! Anyone who tells you they are, are lying to you and themselves. I hope that with each post I can show the love Christ show, and be an example. There may be days were I mess up, and I apologize ahead of time. I am human after all and we all make mistakes, but that does not excuse me from making them.

Anyways I hope that you all have a lovely day and I’ll be posting soon!